Adipose Derived Stem cell 

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Cells start has accumulated a long experience and know-how on adipose stem cells. We are developing the best equipment for Fat transfer, SVF, isolation and ADSCs culture.

We are carrying out a total solution project through an educational project management program.


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Cell s Start has a variety of consulting programs for doctors and clinics.
By joining our membership, we are able to organize our worldwide network and provide the most effective solutions.

Cells Start provide High Tech Regenerative Solutions   




We already have more than 10 years’ experience in stem cell research & business.


CELLSys provides consulting for all parts of the adipose stem cell in the name of a new total solution.


Currently, adult stem cells are used in a variety of diseases in various countries.

Korea has the most technology, equipment, and experience in adult stem cells.

many countries such as Japan, US, and Europe import and cooperate with Korean technology, and the number of stem cell disease treatments is increasing every year.


CELLSys offers solutions from A to Z for the most widely used stromal vascular fraction, stem cell culture.


We also provided research facilities and training for culturing and cryopreservation of stem cells in many hospitals

Based on our long-standing know-how and experience, we have been able to provide effective training programs.

The worldwide stem cell market is showing an explosive growth, and the technology to utilize it has also been dramatically improved.


CELLSys provides you with the most efficient systems and programs available in a new era.


CELLSys operates US, Southeast Asia and domestic.

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